Man kills kids then jumps in front of Q train

Did you hear about the mother who came home last night only to find her two kids dead in the bathtub? The mother got home around midnight after work. Daddy was home “taking care” of the kids.

Allegedly, he drowned the two little ones in the bathtub. He then went down to the subway and threw himself in front of the Q train.
Also, he apparently left 7 or 8 suicide notes, one of which he kept on his person.

What the hell do you do when you see something like that? Can you even imagine standing there waiting for your train when all of a sudden a dude jumps on the tracks in front of it? I guess that’s a textbook “See something, say something” moment. That’s something that’s just going to ruin your night.

Of course, the murder portion is a shame. No one wants that to happen. But there have to be better ways to kill yourself. Yeah, a train can kill you, but there are people who survive that!

Creepy sh*t man…creepy.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

One thought on “Man kills kids then jumps in front of Q train

  1. Wow, how tragic! I didn’t hear about it, but jeez… what a way to go. It really is a shame about the children, I mean to take your own life is one thing, but the kids?? There was no need.


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