You boys must be union workers

So I arrived at the platform a couple minutes ago and immediately realized that the construction down here is growing like a weed. Every day there are more and more temporary walls and roped off areas. It is getting a little crazy. There’s less and less platform open every day.

Also, they have another project going on near the token booth. They are putting down new tile. In the course of one week, they have only managed to put down a 15×15 foot area of tile. What’s even funnier is that it is right in the middle of everything. On all four sides, there are hundreds of square feet with only bare concrete.

The new tile area is roped off with caution tape. I walk by this area every day. Each morning there are 6 guys working on it, yet they only manage to lay abou 15 new tiles in an entire day. Its not like these are huge tiles either. They’re just the little 1×1 foot square tiles.  This must be a union job or omething because they could have tiled the entire West Side Highway by now. So maybe by 2010 we will have this project finished!

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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