The International Platform

There is a youth hostel a few blocks from where I live, and we share the same subway stop. So every now and again, you’ll run into a group of international tourists on the platform. The funky style and NYC tourism books usually give them away.

This morning, there are dozens of internationals on the platform. Today was one of those crowed mornings that makes you want to punch things. On top of that, however, there were all of these foreign students. Many seemed to be Austrailian, and there were a bunch of Germans too.

The Aussies were easy to pick out because they all wear black since the death of The Croc Hunter. (Kidding)

I live in a nice neighborhood on the UWS. Personally, I love the area. However, it is NOT a tourist destination. (That’s part of the reason I like it so much). So it always suprises me to see this many tourists up here. What on earth are you up here to see?

I guess since the hostel is like $12 a night, it is attractive. Although, the tourists must be pissed when they get there. American hostels are trash compared to the European hostels.

Otherwise, the rest of them must have gotten on the wrong train or something and ended up here. We have some nice bagel shops, but otherwise that’s it.

So everybody, get back on a downtown train and pay attention for 42nd Street…you know that’s where you meant to get off.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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