Stalled trains and smashed dreams

Ok so the second part of the headline doesn’t mean anything. 🙂 It popped into my head, and I thought it was dramatic.
So anyway…yeah…you come here often? Ok this is getting awkward.

There have been a bunch of stalled trains the last couple days it seems. Every time we get a little rain, stuff start breaking all over the system. The 2 and 3 uptowns were running local around 72nd Street this morning because of a stalled train. How does something that doesn’t have an engine stall? The trains are all electric. Maybe they should say “powerless” instead.

Anyway, I have never been stuck on a stalled train (as I look for wood to knock on in this subway car). That must SUCK. Like I said, they must “stall” because there’s an electrical problem or something. So that leads me to believe that the air conditioning would be lost too. Double suck. I would shoot myself if I had to stand on a stalled, packed, air conditionless train for 30+ minutes while they fixed (assuming it stalls between stations). That is my personal hell.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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