Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to public transportation

After my little morning trip to CT, I was quickly reminded that the UN General Assembly is in session this week. How was I reminded? Only by the fact that the entire east side of Manhattan is shut down for the next 3 days.

Foreign leaders from around the world will be in the city this weekend. In short, it is the year’s largest, planned traffic mess.

Pretty much every street and avenue is closed in the eastern 40’s up thru the mid 50’s. You can get around a little by foot in those areas but don’t count on it.

I attempted to come up to surface level after my morning trip to catch a cab back to the office. (It is on the company dime, so why not). However, the entire length of every street block’s sidewalk is blocked by metal police barricades. So you can walk on the sidewalks, you just can’t stop your car or get in a cab. I walked from GCT to 8th Ave just to get a cab.

The Secret Service has the entire perimeter of the Time Warner Center secured. There are multiple Washington DC limos parked outside ready to roll.

This is a long way of saying: Get ready New York. There are going to be a ton of extra riders in the system this week since driving on the east side is more or less impossible.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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