To boldly go where no…

In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that I used to be a fairly regular Metro North rider before living in The City. So I am by no means a Metro North rookie. However, it has been a while since I’ve been aboard. A long while actually.

First, I have to say, the Mertro North trains gross me out more than the subway trains. Yeah, the seats have padding, but you can see how dirty and grimy they are. I am on one of the older trains with the red and blue seats. I don’t think these trains are ever cleaned. There is no possible way that these seats have ever seen even a damp rag let alone a good scrubbing.

I’ve seen the new trains on the Harlem line. They look nice. They are pretty much brand spankin new. The seats are big (and sanitary) looking. There’s also a few double-decker trains it looks like.

On the plus side, I do enjoy facing forward. Only on the B, D, and a couple other subway lines can you catch a train with a few forward facing seats. It helps with the motion sickness.

I am shocked how many people are on this train. It is almost as crowded as an inbound train. I jus assumed that everyone came INTO the city in the morning. Apparently though, there are people that live in the city but work in places like Stamford. That sounds completely backwards to me. Who would pay the extra money to live in the city when you work in CT? Why not just live in CT too. Then catch the train to the city when you feel the need for some “culture.”

I is nice and quiet too. Probably because most of the people are sleeping. The train runs pretty silently, and not a sole is talking. I have to admit that it is kinda nice. I guess if you put padded seats like this on the subway, everyone would fall alseep. Nobody would make it to work on time.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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