A tribe of girls


Is there anything on this earth more annoying than a loud group of Puerto Rican girls? I think not.

There’s a group of them at the other end of my train that are so loud, and so abnoxious that I I’m seriously thinking about getting in their faces.

By the way, the fact that I mention that they are Puerto Rican is not at all a racist or ignorant comment. It is a fact. A group of the same size only white girls or black girls would be no where near as loud.

They stand around and scream, laugh, and carry on in their broken spanglish. The people they are talking to are right in front of them, yet the entire train needs to hear them. I don’t know why, but I it is just the kind of thing that makes you blood boil.
Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

5 thoughts on “A tribe of girls

  1. I understand PR girls in a group can be loud. The same can be said about DR girls as well. However I will strongly disagree with you about them being louder than black girls.

    Black girls are by far the least attractive & most annoying. I sometimes feel the need to slap the taste out of their mouth so they shut the hell up. Who really needs to hear your loud conversation when you are right next to each other!


  2. I must say that both black girls and hispanic girls are far too loud in public places. Their need for attention is sickening. Their conversation are usually ignorant and and filled with non-sense and cure words.

    Black and hispanic women do the same thing on the bus, especially while on a cell phone on the bus (white women are also notorioous for being too damn loud on their cell phones!).


  3. Seriously you’re right. Tonight I took the train and because of the puerto rican day parade, it must have been about 10 people including some little kids who were carrying puerto-rican flags on the train and making way too much noise, I mean it was ridiculous and they were cursing and singing (if that’s what you call it). Absolutely disgusting….They didn’t care about the people around them , especially in a public space like a subway car. And talking in deragatory terms about women..It was nasty. I think everyone cringed when these “people” were cursing..where is a cop when you need them around?


  4. first off ima say this black and spanish girls may be loud but its because we know how to have fun…..and i am puerto rican myself….u white people aint shit anyway all yall do is stay on the phone and say shit…..at that dumb shit…..and you people talkiing bout black and hispanic girls are so ignorant cause dont no one shit on this damn computer and talk shit about people…..yall need to realize that we arent the only people thats loud but also white people…..and what the hell do you expect its the PUERTO RICAN DAY PARADE dummies….thats when its time to have fun…..but anyway i do believe you people are so racist and need to get a life……all yall do is sit on this shit and talk about other races and discrimate them…..yall white people always think yall the damn best but guess what yalll aint anit nobody perfect…..deuces…and by the way i am puerto rican and i rep my hood……


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