Back to normal. It is about time.

Finally, things seem to be back to normal on the subway. The platform was a little crowded, but there was plenty of room for people to get on.

I forgot to mention (actually, I ran out of time) on Thursday that I saw a girl fall out of the train. That’s right…fall out of the train. Don’t worry, it wasn’t moving or anything, but she did fall out.

She was about 18 years old or so with a large bookbag on. It was an absolute freak show on Thursday. Way to many people.

She was on the train before I got on. She was standing in the opposite doorway when we arrived at an express stop sometime later. A sea of people flooded the doors trying to get on. She held her ground for the most part, but then the moment of truth. The doors were left open an extra long time because there was a train ahead of us. More and more people tried to squeeze in. Eventually, some people started to yell at eachother that there was no more room.

Eventually, things got a little more quiet, and it happened. With a little yelp, she fell out as if the mash of people had burst. She fell backward out of the train. I think she had gone to move her footing and stepped into the gap by accident. The men closest to her stepped off to help her up, and then the doord closed. So, her and the three guys that got off to help her were left behind.

I was about 15 people deep with a view of the scene through the window. The lesson learned? Mind the gap and oversized backpacks can kill!

(Ok, the last part was a little much)

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

Photo: Not actually the girl that fell out of the train, but this is the exact possition she was in before being squeezed out.

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