Subway crime hits 37 year low!

Subway crime is at the lowest it has been in 37 years!  Even though we tend to hear about the crimes more often, the numbers actually show that things are much better.

Through the mass media and NYC blogs (like this 🙂 ), people tend to hear more about the crimes throughout the system.  However, as the Daily News reports, things are looking up.

Did you know…

Today, there are about 7 felonies committed every day in the New York City subway. 

Back in 1990, there were 49 a day! 

So, obviously the situation is much better.  You’ve also got to figure that 7 felonies doesn’t necessarily mean 7 felons.  One guy could commit a few felonies at once.  All he’s gotta do is rob someone at gunpoint (felony #1) and then punch the arresting officer as he tries to get away (felony #2). 

A lot of the improvements also have to do with big brother.  That’s right, you are on camera.  There are more cameras today in the subway than ever before.  In out post 9/11 times, the MTA has been installing new cameras all over the subway.  This makes apprehending suspects easier.  As soon as you start rounding up your repeat offenders through video tape, the crime levels are sure to show a dip.

Check out Gothamist too.  They have a cute little graphic that spells out S-A-F-E-R in subway line letters.

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