There’s a bunch of talk in the blog-o-sphere about subway peevs. AKA stuff that other riders do that bugs the crap out of you.

So, seeing as I am in the subway, I thought I would list a few.

1). Super old people. Yes, the elderly have a right to be on the train. However, if you can’t hold up your own head, it is time to take a cab. Or at least take the bus.

2). People who wear earplugs. Did you ever notice these people? “The subway it to loud for my sensitive ears.” Shut up and grow a pair.

3). People that have to stand in the middle. These are the people that get on board and frantically run for the isle. They are willing to climb over people so that they don’t have to stand in the doorway.

4). Strollers. Don’t even get me started on the damn baby strollers.

5). Super shoppers. These are the people that have 8 oversized shopping bags. They just came from the Container Store and they have coffin sized boxes they want to carry on the train.

6). White kids that dress like black kids. You’ll never be as cool or as hardcore as the black kids so just stop it.

7). The British. Not cool British people. Just the ones that bitch about everything. If you want to complain, go back to England. Besides, you have your own subway.

I could continue, but I feel a hate crime coming on.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

6 thoughts on “Peevs

  1. I agree with a few of your points. However the biggest agreement goes to point #4! It is funny you should bring this up as I’m updating my site & at the moment I’m doing blog entries. One of the entries had to do with strollers. The sad part was the parents didn’t bring one stroller into the train with a child inside, they brought 2!!!!!


  2. Point #2 – never saw the ear plugs but the idiots who stand on the platform plugging their ears with their fingers annoy the sh!t out of me. Grow a pair indeed – what, do you have the most sensitive, fragile ears ever? I guess ear plugs demonstrate more commitment, but the fingers in the ears seems so much more petulant.


  3. i suppose i’m one of those aisle people, but that’s when the train is only congested at the doors and the whole aisle is completely empty. why am i going to get on the subway and stay at the doors when i can just walk three steps past them and into a non-congested area of the train?

    my peeve is people who read my newspaper while i’m reading it, pole huggers, wailing babies and screaming children, and people that try to get on the train before everyone has exited.


  4. Wait! You mean the white kids are dressing like black kids? I thought it was the black kids trying to be white! I’m also tired of all the so called “rap artists” out there ripping off Weird Al’s artistic works and making a mockery of them.

    My own pet peeve in the subway is the tolken clerks (is that an outdated phrase) with no sense of direction whatsoever. For example in Queens when the line is running under Queens Boulevard its running from East to West… but they insist on calling them “Northbound” and “Southbound” platforms. Uh… it’s either Eastbound or Westbound you dimwits!


  5. NYC Watchdog:

    If I recall correctly the MTA only refers to platforms as either being northbound or southboud. It goes along with how the schedules for each line are layed out. The schedules for every line are labled northbound & southbound.


  6. I agree with iliana on #3. When you’re on the 7 train and the train is packed to the gills but only at the doorways, how are you supposed to get on? When I lived in Corona, the assholes on the platform would push their way into the doors and not move to the middle, even though I had been waiting there for at least 20 minutes in the rain. After this happening 3 times, I finally gave up and took the local which added an extra 20 minutes to my day.

    My peeves are big people who see a space between you and another passenger and feel they are small enough to fit in there, squishing you to the point where you can’t move and expect YOU to get up (hello…I was here first biznitches); ghetto high school kiddies who threaten to throw other passengers off the train, trying to look all tough; people who are in such a hurry getting off the train trying to catch their PATH or MetroNorth trains that they push you nearly to the ground trying to run to get there; at Penn Station when they won’t let you either leave or enter the turnstiles because they’re in such a rush to get through, and will yell at you even though every other turnstile has people going in the opposite direction as you.


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