Freshmen learn the subway

Now that the colleges are back in full swing, you notice lots of lost students in the system.

During the week, for the most part, they seem to have their act together. They’ve figured out how to get to class via subway, so they don’t often get lost. On Thursday and Friday nights, however, you tend to see them wander.

As soon as the weekend rolls around, they venture out to areas with which they are not as familiar. They are easy to pick out because the freshmen tend to travel in packs. The newer they are, the larger the pack.

The pack is always lead by one person that is the “New Yorker” who knows the way around. I use the term “New Yorker” loosely because it is usually some punk from Greenwich who calls himself a local.

There is a rogue Tuesday pack of coeds in front of me right now exhibiting all the tell-tail signs. Just a little strange to see them out at 6pm on a Tuesday. They probably had to go to a museum for class or something.

All together, they are ok right now since there’s been no boozin’ in the picture. Had this been a Friday night, it would have been reeeeal ugly.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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