Mailbag – Meeting women on the subway

From a SUBWAYblogger reader: 

I just found your site and I’m psyched.  I’ve done a search and can’t find a post on this, but I’ve had, for years, a burning question about the subway. I’ve asked everyone I know ­ guys and girls ­ and no one has come up with anything resembling a workable  answer.

Question:  How can you approach and meet a cute girl on the subway during the morning or evening without getting maced or arrested or having your picture taken with a cell phone and it ending up in the NYPost?  Obviously, you could just walk up and say hi.  But that¹s likely to freak out anyone.  The trick is to get past the “I hate everyone in this car” attitude.

It’s mostly academic by this point.  I feel it’s not actually possible but it’s a large universe with infinite possibilities, so there should be something.  It’s also fun just to hear what kind of answers people can come up with.

A related question is how do you approach and meet a cute girl jogging in Central Park?  This one I actually got a semi-workable answer: jog along near her and purposely trip/stumble and in the process knock her down. Obviously that’s probably some sort of crime and, more importantly, you have to make REAL sure she doesn’t get hurt.  But it does afford the opportunity to chat.

 – damien.

Hey dude, thanks for the email.  First off, we don’t do Central Park.  It’s not our thing.  Sorry bud.

As for talking to girls in the subway, always look for the out-of-towners.  They are the most likely to talk to you.  Especially if it seems like they lost or confused about where they are going.  From there, you can help them out and tell them where they can “find a good time.”  Regular New Yorker chicks are going to get you put on the sex offender’s list.

SUBWAYblogger has a strict “don’t give up the seat” policy.  However, for an attactive little dish, the rules can be broken.  This too can serve as a nice ice breaker.  Give up your seat for her and that might be your ticket in.

Lastly, on an over crowded train, always try to keep a little extra space around you.  Don’t let anyone in unless it is a girl you want to talk to.  If you “all of a sudden” can squeeze a little extra space for her to slide into, you’re in!  Not only are you a nice guy, but now you are inside her personal space.  Nice opportunity to make some small talk.

From here, we will leave it open to the SUBWAYblogger readers.  Leave a comment if you have more ideas!  Thanks again for the email.

One thought on “Mailbag – Meeting women on the subway

  1. depending on whether or not my work day went well i wouldn’t mind it if a guy sauntered up to me and commented on a book i was reading, or even just making stupid small talk. if the small talk consists of something pervy, then that’s when you’ll get maced. but if not, then there’s no need to worry about your picture being taken by my cell phone camera.

    i don’t need someone to give up their seat for me, i’m just fine with standing.

    btw, are the rumors true, that the first and second cars of a train are for picking up people?


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