Weekend “L” train back in bizznass

Ok folks, this weekend, I got nothin’.  There was no subway related news that I could come up with.  For that matter, we were not in the system much that weekend.  Kind of a sit around on your ass kinda weekend.

But there is good news!  This weekend was the first weekend that the “L” train was back in business on the weekends.  So now we have a weekend route back between Manhattan and Brooklyn. 

Unfortunately, some weeknight service will still be hit or miss, and there will be one more weekend scheduled where service will be out. 

However, we will be able to see a definate benefit from this recent hassel.  The new systems on the L trains will allow for more trains to run on the line AND a new system that tells you where the trains are in real time.  Finally, those new electronic information boards will be available. 

L train riders will be able to look at the monitors and tell exactly when the next train will be arriving.  The boards will also tell you if there are problems or delays. 

Anyway, that’s the most exciting news we could come up with for the weekend.  Let us know if we missed something!


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