Welcome October

Another month rolls into the show full of crazy that is the NYC subway system.

I’m currently enjoying a lecture from a man named Harry. His thesis is on why he has AIDS and is homeless all at the same time.

Harry sounds like a Jewish guy that just woke up. Really tired, slow, and under enthusiastic sounding with a thick Jewish accent. Harry didn’t seem to get much action on this train, so he’s off to the next one.

He did have an interesting pitch though. He started off with the traditional “good morning ladies and gentlemen.”. He then moved right into the AIDS bit.

“FORTUNATELY, I have AIDS,” started Harry, “I say forunately because God used this disease to get my life turned around.”

What I gather is that begging on the subway is actually a step UP from where he has been. How crappy must you life be when AIDS and begging on the subway is a good day?

Better luck next time amigo. Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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