The French Invasion

I just got into a subway car filled with French people. I’m talking wall-to-wall French people.

I’m not even kidding, there must be a 40 French speaking people on here all at once. It is a little strange. Just a lot of nasal sounding words being thrown about.

Ha…I just thought of something else. This is probably the only train car in the city with no republicans on board! Any red blooded republican would have immediately gotten off at the next stop. There’s no way they would sit through this. No, instead they jump into a different car to enjoy their “freedom fries” for the ride.

Upon closer inspection, it appears to be a group of students. Unfortunately, not a terribly attractive group of French students. Is this the French “goth” club? Most of thema are all blacked out and have funky hair.

Tell you what though, boy/girl teasing is annoying in every language. Especially the loud giggles.

Does anyone know how to say “cut the crap” in French? Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

One thought on “The French Invasion

  1. You could say “Arretez avec cet merde” which would be “stop with that shit” but they’d probably just give you the finger


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