Comment spam is a biatch

When I arrived at the platform this morning, I pulled out the Blackberry as usual. I was shocked to find 68 new messages waiting for me…all of them comment approvals.

Luckily, SUBWAYblogger is designed to send us notification of suspicious comments before publishing them. For our regular readers, you can post a comment and it will publish right away as long as there are no links in it. If you do post a link, it will get kicked back to us to take a quick look at.

Anyway, wading through those emails took up tha majority of the ride this morning. Personally, SUBWAYblogger believes that spam programmers should be beaten in public. Maybe that’s just us. Of course, it is by no means our first encounter with comment spam, but it doesn’t ever get any less annoying.

There will be another post this morning to make up for our little bitch and moan session here.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

One thought on “Comment spam is a biatch

  1. I hate comment spam! I had an old version of my blog receive 11 attempts at comment spam. The funny part is the old version of my blog isn’t public anymore so they are wasting their time. I only had it up for my own use while revamping my site.

    I’m all for advertising but not when it is spammed!


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