Get your Toussaint Gear!

Yeah, that’s right.  Roger Toussaint, Transit Workers Union President, is selling gear to raise money for his reelection campaign.  We kid you not, he is selling those stupid rubber bracelets, shirts, and even autographed photos.

It gets so much better.  He actually has a website:  Interestingly, the site won the “Holy Crap That’s A Long URL” award. 

His slogan:  “It’s about respect.” 

Not the kind of respect as in self respect…otherwise how to you justify the rubber bracelets?  No, a person deserving of respect would not be selling autographed pictures of themselves or rubber bracelets to raise money for union election. 

By the way, why would anyone want to keep doing the job that landed their ass in JAIL for any lenght of time?  “Yeah, I know, this job could get me placed in jail, but “it’s about respect.””

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