Only so much a person can take

This morning I wrote about how much it sucks to miss a train by only seconds. This afternoon, it happened yet again! There’s only so much a person can take.

This afternoon, it was caused by stupid people. Yes, that’s right, stupid people. Folks, don’t walk up to the turnstile and THEN start looking for your MetroCard. Ladies, I’m talking to you. The bottomless pit that is your purse needs to be searched well in advance. We all know that at the moment of truth, you are never going to be able to find the thing.


Ok, if you’ve ever watched The Simpsons, you’ll know what I am talking about.

The guy on the intercom on this train sounds like the fastfood employees on The Simpsons. You know, that nerdy voice. When they talk, their voice cracks. I seriously thought this guy was doing it as a joke because it is so horrible. But he has been doing it every time. Everytime he says “Bronx bound” his voice cracks on Bronxs. It squeels along at other points too.

People on the train just start laughing when he talks, but I don’t think he’s trying to be funny.
Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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