Platforms getting cooler

Sure, is kinda sucks that summer is over. It’s definitely getting cooler outside. Actually, it is getting straight up cold out.

The upside is that the subway platforms are now a few degrees cooler than the center of hell.

I was standing on the platform today and felt pretty comfortable. For the first time in a while, I didn’t feel like I was slowly suffocating.

I find it funny how in the summer time, the last place on earth that you would want to stand is on a 104 degree platform. In the winter, it is the complete opposite.

In the winter, it gets so cold that your ears actually feel like they are burning. So, in the freezing tundra, the subway is a oasis. The entire time you are walking, you keep saying to yourself in your head, “Can’t wait for the subway. Can’t wait for the subway. Almost there…”

Well folks, it is almost that time again. Goodbye summer, welcome winter.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

One thought on “Platforms getting cooler

  1. I am so glad the cold weather is here. As usual I anxiously await the arrival of winter. Winter is my favorite part of the year as I’m a winter baby. I love temps in the teen mixed in with snow storms/blizzards!


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