Smells like winter

Being out and about this weekend, I noticed that nightime smell of winter. That cold, crisp smell before a snow storm. Winter is on the way.

As I look around the train, the ladies are ready with the winter fashions. I know, you’ve been waiting for weeks to trot out all of your new sweaters.

It seems like many of you had a field day at the scarf table as well. While I thing a scarf, hat, or mittens might be jumping the gun a little, I understand your excitement. You just can’t stand looking at them in your closet anymore, so you jump at the first chance you get to wear them.

Personally, I would die if I wore that many layers at this point. A light jacket is a bit much for me right now. It’s cool outside, but it is still toasty in the subway.
Soon we will be joined fulltime by our “residential” members of the subway system. Many of the regulars I usually see are already back on their platform benches staking their claims. Again I say if you are going to be homeless, why not head for Miami? Go somewhere warm all year round. NYC is blistering hot in the summer and absolutely freezing in the winter.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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