Worst job ever?

There are a lot of subway jobs that have to be the worst jobs ever. One of them must be the guy that scoops the crap off the tracks.

The area between the rails is basically an open-air sewer. Even though it maynot look like it, it must be someone’s job to get in there and clean it once in a while.

After a good rain, you can see a collection of crap down there. Interedtingly, there’s a lot of batteries down there. So many people bring portable CD players, walkmen, etc into the subway. Then, they just chuck their dead batteries into the tracks. I would suspect that the number of trashed batteries will be lower as the popularity of iPods continues to replace CD players.

But yeah, that must be the worst job. You must be spending most of your time fighting off rats!

Another terrible job has to be a token clerk. Have you ever met a token clerk that actually looked happy? That’s because they don’t exist. You have to be a miserable person in order to work in one of those little boxes for 8 or more hours at a time.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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