More rain in store

It was a soggy evening commute today. The rain started in the late morning and still hasn’t stopped.

The forecasts call for even more rain over the next few days. SUBWAYblogger suggests leaving yourself a little extra time for the morning commute. A couple straight days of rain always causes problems on at least one line. Electric systems tend to short, and we end up with more stalled trains.

One thing that I always see are people who get mad when their are slow downs in service because of rain. Even though your particular line may be problem free doesn’t mean you won’t be inconvienced. A minor problem across town can cause backups on the complete other side of town.

That’s why it is smart to leave your apartment 5 minutes early. Your be shocked how much 5 minutes can help.

Anyway, considder that the free tip of the day! Bring on the insanity in the morning.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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