No Holiday Fare This Year :-(

After a little light digging, SUBWAYblogger has discovered that there will not be a special Holiday Fare offered this year.  Ok, so maybe this isn’t breaking news, but it is something that people are going to start asking about soon.

Since the decision was made back in July, people weren’t really worried about a December fare bonus.  Now that we are headed for the holidays, our fellow riders are starting to wonder, “What ever happened to that special holiday MetroCard?”

Originally, the plan was to have another holiday special.  Last year, the MTA set aside $50 million of the surplus to fund the holiday special.  Last year, you could buy a 30 day unlimited MetroCard that actually lasted 39 days.  So, you got 9 extra days for free.  The plan was to have the same deal this year.

However, with the all around fare hike issue, they decided to cut the program.  By keeping the $50 million for 2006’s holiday special, the MTA thinks they can delay a general fare hike until September 2007.

So, while we won’t get to enjoy a little holiday subway cheer, we do benefit from not having a fare hike…at least for now.

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