A couple minutes makes all the difference

A couple minutes here or there really makes the difference for me in the morning. If I get to the subway a couple minutes early, I end up riding with a bunch of high school kids, and that is too much to handle this early in the morning.

Leave it to me to have the proper timing whcih allows me to be on the “cool kids” train. This train must be the last one that will still get these kids to private school on time.

It’s night and day when you compare this train with the next. This train will be full of these kids and the next one completely empty. So, this must be the last “I won’t be late for homeroom” train.

I don’t so much have a problem with the kids because they are in high school. I’m not that far out of college myself. Instead, my problem is mostly with the girls. I think they’ve watched one too many episodes of Sex and the City. They try to act older and sluttier.

Listen hunny, you’re 17 years old and you look like a frat house skank. Pull it together a little. Guys actually like it if you don’t come with the “used” look ahead of time.

Also, which ever one of you said it was cool to wear leggings under your skirts should be slapped. My generation decided that was a stupid idea back in the 80’s. Guess what…it’s still a bad idea.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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