Just be glad you don’t ride the bus!


It was the day from hell if you were trying to catch a bus in midtown today. The Port Authority Bus Terminal was closed for hours!

There were reports of a crazy guy who refused to get off a Grayhound bus. His outburst caused the police to shut down entire sections of the terminal. So you know he must have been going balistic or yelling threats.

The crazy part was that the MTA didn’t seem to have much of a plan in the event that the terminal was shut down. It was complete chaos.

As can be imagined, those who could turned to the subway as an alternate.

Buses pulled up along areas like 9th Ave to discharge their passengers. That’s ok if you’re already on the bus. But if you were at the Port Authority looking to catch a bus…well…you were screwed. It was very difficult to find out where or if your bus was using an alternate location for pickups.

Just be glad that you are a faithful subway rider because today, ground transportation left you hanging out to dry.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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