If you had to

If you had to, what subway station would you live in?

Ok, so maybe this question is a little heavy for this early in the morning, but you have to figure it is an important question if you are a bum.

Some stations are clearly in much worse shape than others, yet there are still people living there. Why not go stay at a nicer station?

For me, I think Times Square would be a homebase. It is usually cleaner than most, there are maintained bathrooms, bright light, and lots of travel options. I don’t think I would sleep there because it is too over crowded, but I would definately go there for money. There’s lots of dumb tourists that you could beg a few bucks out of. Plus, if I had a musical tallent, it would be a great place to perform.

14th Street has always struck me as a nice station too. Maybe I would sleep there. It’s nice, big, well lit.

For some reason, Penn Station seems like a bum hot spot. Wonder what I’m missing.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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