At least there is an upside

coats.jpgThe one upside to the colder weather is that you don’t feel like death while you wait for the train.

When winter rolls around, everyone is bundled up right down to the snow pants. The complete opposite of the summer time.

This generally means an all around comfortable ride. Even if the heat isn’t working on the train, the body heat keeps the cars comfortable. In the summer, if the AC cuts out, then you might as well grab the 3rd rail.

Also, when you get packed in tightly with other standing passengers, the coats, parkas, and mittens act as padding. It’s “cozy”. In the same situation during the summer, you’re packed up against a sweaty guy at best.

So yeah it is cold on the streets, but its a strange heaven for the subway!

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

One thought on “At least there is an upside

  1. I certainly prefer the cold-weather “coziness” to the summer sweat. Get drenched on the 110-degree platform, then stand under an A/C blower in your wet shirt – feh. Plus a coat gives me a more secure place to tuck my wallet and phone.

    But not everyone likes the company. (Here I corrupt your post’s topic and wrench it awkwardly over to my own.) On every crowded subway car, there always seems to be at least one person who takes the tight quarters and jostling as a *personal* affront — and won’t shut up about it.

    This morning, as I squeezed into a car, I caught a conversation mid-stride that seemed to have been set off by someone else’s efforts to squeeze out. “I just don’t want people rubbing up on my ass, is all,” this woman whined to a companion.

    I’ll allow maybe a 10 percent chance that she was talking about an explicit, deliberate grope, in which case, more power to her. But it’s much more likely she was just aghast that another commuter would… you know… TOUCH her.

    Lady, you’re on New York’s most crowded subway line (Lex) at 8:43 on a Wednesday morning. You don’t look as if you’re new in town. What the bleeding fuck did you expect would happen? How special do you think you are?

    If you’re so bent by having someone “rubbing up on your ass” as part of his own dreary trudge to work, no one’s stopping you from moving to Kansas City and driving to work in a Saturn. You can change the radio stations and everything.

    But if you’re going to stay here, however you feel about it, try to spend a few moments of each train ride *not* talking.


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