Happy dress like a slut day…I mean…Halloween.

So it is Tuesday and Halloween. This past weekend, there were tons of people in the subway system dressed up. So I don’t anticipate a lot of that today. I think the adults got it out of their systems this weekend instead.

So tonight will probably be the invasion of the little goblins as the youths hit the streets.

Rumor has it that the older kiddies hit the subways to head for the wealthier neighborhoods in search of better loot. Resourceful little punks. There must be a fine line. Some neighborhoods are probably to too snobby to deal with this “low class” holiday. So you don’t want to go to too crazy.

So that’s what I’m affraid of tonight. I recently moved to the block I live on now, and it is really nice. I’m by far the “poor” person in the neighborhood. I’m surrounded by millionaires. Somehow, I managed to get a fab apartment for a steal after the guy that lived there for decades passed away. I don’t pretend that it was skill…just pure luck.

Anyway, in my head, I envision hundreds of children pouring out of my local subway stop to invade the block. Maybe I’m over reacting? We’ll find out.

By the time I get on the train tonight, the kiddies will probably already be on board. I’ll be able to get a better sense then.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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