Yeah, because subway conductors should be encouraged to talk more

Top of the Rock

Has anyone else noticed the increase of subway conductors spewing travel information over the subway PA systems? Apparently, they are now being told to specifically mention certain tourist attractions near stops.

The Daily News reports that subway conductors are now plugging the “Top of the Rock”…because G.E. is a struggling company? I don’t think so.

It’s one thing to mention the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, World Trade Center, but now we are plugging commercial tourist stops on public transit? It’s not like the top of Rockefeller Center is a public place. Sure, for the right ticket price, the public can get up there, but it’s private property.

However, if GE/NBC wants to pay the MTA to mention them over the PA, then ok. It would probably help offset costs. Might be a nice little revenue stream. Hell, I think we would all sit and listen to them blab on about the attractions if it meant avoiding more fare hikes. But, the MTA is doing this for free! (or at least they claim)

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