Christmas lights


On of the downsides to daylight savings is that you’ll not see the sun again until the spring.

Walking to the subway from work, it is now completely dark. So, you immediately notice how cool stuff in the city looks lit up at night. However, there’s already Christmas lights up!

There’s nothing wrong with stringing them up now. I mean honestly, who wants to be dealing with those flippin’ things when it’s 2 degrees outside. So yeah, hang them up now. But do we need to turn them on?

I was walking to the subway and I was seeing them all over the place.

In a funny contrast, I ran into Kelly Ripa on the street with her kids (as in Regis & Kelly). She was wearing a black spider thing on her head and her kids were dressed up for Halloween. So we’ve got Christmas lights and Kelly dressed for Halloween? Talk about spooky.

Of course, the subway itself is at an all time freakshow high. More and more adults trying to be kids are running around the system dressed up for Halloween. Women should save their money and just go in their bra/panties. Why bother paying for a slutty costume?

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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