Happy Monday


Yes, it’s Monday, but boy that extra hour of sleep feels great! Fall day light savings is a holiday better than Christmas. There’s no better gift than an extra hour of snooze time.

So have you gone to a Halloween party yet? If you haven’t, just walk around the subway for ten minutes and you’ll get your fill. Starting as early as Friday, peeps were out in full costume.

Halloween in New York City is like no other place in the world. People go ALL out on their costumes. Personally, I can think of a few dozen other things I would rather spend $150 on other than a costume.

As for the ladies, I know it is cliche but, Halloween is just an excuse to dress as a complete slut. We should just go ahead and rename it to Whoreoween. Split it into two holidays…one for the kids and one for the adults.

It really is genious when you think about it. No other day of the year would you ever be able to get a girl out in 30 degree weather wearing nothing more than a g-string and slutty nurse top.

Use the comments link below to submit links to your favorite costumes this year.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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