Holy crap you need to shut up


The loud “gangsta glam” bitches next to me need to shut up.

How ’bout that for a lead?

There are 4 girls having the most obnoxious conversation ever. They are sitting across from each other reviewing their party last night. Unfortunately, it is standing room only on this train. So they are talking through the crowd of people standing in front of them.

Two of them are debating whether or not one of the threw up in the sink or in the bathtub. That’s right, yelling this back and forth.

“Bitch, I threw up in the fuckin’ sink yo,” said the one. “Nigga that was the bathtub. Don’t believe me? Yo ask Jo-Jo,” responded the otherone.

Now we are on to what a slut and a bitch Jo-Jo is. Ironically enough, she’s a bitch because SHE is disrespectful. Mind you, she’s dropping the f-bomb every other word while sitting next to some 80 year old grandma on one side, and some little kids on the other. But apparently, Jo-Jo needs to learn some respect before these “hoes” show her what’s up.

Some people just don’t know how stupid they sound.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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