You know it is winter

You know it’s winter when you need a light jacket on the subway platform. We’re not quite there yet. Close, but not just yet.

This morning I was trying to decide if it was time to break out the winter coat. I finally was able to make up my mind by thinking of how it would feel on the platform.

The conclusion was that I would die in a winter coat on the platform. That would be way too warm.

It was only 36 degrees when I left this morning, but it is still very comfortable in the subway.

Once it is consistantly cold all day, the subway temp will drop down to where you’ll need a coat there too. So once that happens, that will officially be the New York sign of winter.

Sorry, the ice skating rinks being up before Halloween makes them no longer a reliable source.

As of today, you are only allowed a full winter coat if you are over 65 years old…since you’re freezing even in the summer. If you’re not a senior citizen and you are wearing a winter coat…well…you’re a little lame.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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