What the hell is up lately


The trains are straight up retarded this week. I’m standing here waiting for the train that the annoucer just said is 5 stops away still.

I’m going to have to claw my way onto this train if I plan on getting home before the sun comes up again. All week it has been like this. One disruption after another. I don’t think I have had a good transit day at all this week.

A double wide baby stroller. You have got to be shitting me! This woman is yelling at people because she is standing in THE DOORWAY with her double wide stoller. She also has on one of thos strap on baby carriers with an infant in it. AAAaaAand another kid who is old enough to walk. Holy crap I wish I had a camera. You wouldn’t believe it until you see it.

Lady, it is rush hour. And the trains are messed up today anyway. People couldn’t fit even if your big as stroller wasn’t here. So what the hell do you expect when you pull this crap.

And here’s a novel idea…

You’re what? 26 years old? How about you close your legs and stop popping out kids. You’ve got 4 of them and the oldest is 6 years old TOPS.

Turns out the ones in the double stroller are twins. Fantastic.

Ok…who’s for a no kids OR no stroller law during rush hour? Throw that out there, and I will vote for you no matter how crazy you are.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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