Is jumping in front of the subway the new cool way to die?

E Train at the World Train Center

Apparently, SUBWAYblogger missed the latest issue of “Suicidal Quarterly” because there must have been an article about jumping in front of trains. It must be the new cool way to go.

Being suicidal is something that really sucks, but why do you have to mess up everyone else’s day? Not only are you shutting down entire transit lines for HOURS, but think of the poor people who have to scrape your ass off the tracks. Like that’s what they want to be doing. Or the people that witness you jumping in front of the train. That’s a wee bit traumatic for a perfect stranger, don’t you think?

So today’s guy who was found under an downtown “E” train may or may not have done it on purpose. At this point, no one knows. But usually, people would notice if he got shoved onto the tracks. Especially because it happened at 10am. People would notice the struggle.

3 thoughts on “Is jumping in front of the subway the new cool way to die?

  1. That really does sound traumatic. I’ve never seen anyone die from a subway train fortunately and i never would want to, but it’s scary to hear that.


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