More service delays

What a joy. 1, 2, 3 and the 5, 6 trains…good luck this morning.

There’s no downtown service on those lines this morning. By the looks of things, uptown service might be out of luck too.

“Police activity” at Columbus Circle has apparently shut down the works.

Rumor has it that the police activity is due to yet another jumper. I’m sorry, but SUBWAYblogger has little sympathy for anyone who commits suicide in a manner which impacts complete strangers.

Please note, we do not have confirmation at this point of a suicide or even a body on the tracks. At this point, we are just going on what other sources in the area tell SUBWAYblogger.

In any event, I had to make a trek over to a completely different subway line today. So did thousands of other people. One train line with 2 lines worth of riders all trying to get on at the same time. Yippee.

In all the confusion, somehow I managed to get a seat though. Go figure. It was complete luck.

So, we are 0 for 1 so far this week. Nice start MTA.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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