Death on tracks confirmed

1 train

This morning’s disaster with 1, 2, 3 plus 5, 6 service was due to a person getting struck by a train. However, it has not been confirmed as a suicide.

Usually, if someone was pushed, or if it was an accident, you would hear about it right away. Especially if they were pushed because police would want to begin the man hunt.

Tonight’s ride seems to be especially calm. There’s plenty of room on my train. So hopefully, Election Day will be a little more relaxed. But I doubt it.

Many people leave for work early so that they can go vote. So this may end up messing up the normal morning traffic flow.

As for the evening, even more people go to vote after work. Especially with the polls in NYC being open until 9pm. So the afternoon commute could get ugly, although I would suspect mustly for the buses.

Most NYC polling places are right in your neighborhood. So a couple block bus ride might be better than the subway.

Anway, we shall see. SUBWAYblogger is leaving early just in case.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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