No sun on Mondays

Where has the sun gone lately? It seems like it is dark all the time now. This is New York, not Alaska!

If you’re an average NYC worker, you might not see the sun all winter long.

You wake up, dark. Leave for work, still kinda dark. Jump in the underground cave of the subway, dark. Get to work and sit at your desk without a window, not dark but no natural light. Leave work at 5pm, dark. Back into the cave for the ride home…

Lucky for me, my office has a window. Otherwise, I wouldn’t see the sun ever!

On all the new subway station construction/refurbishing, the MTA should include some sort of natural light. Some skylighting would be nice. When you look at a lot of the really old stations, you can find many areas where natural lighting was factored in because electricity was expensive. The subway should revive some of those old practices.

The subway has received a lot of attention from the art community lately, so why not turn the task over to the artists? They could come up with some very attractive solutions that would probably get some possitive press. Functional and an attraction.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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