Free sleepers

Did you ever stop and wonder how people sleep so freely on the subway. Sure, everyone closes their eyes for a little doze evey now and then. Then there’s some people that straight up pass out!

Many people just gently close their eyes and enjoy the ride. Then there’s the guy across from me. His head is handing over the end rail, his mouth is wide open, and his glasses are half cocked to the side of his head.

No he’s not dead. I saw him awake a little while ago. And he’s not a homeless guy either. He is in a full business suit!

There’s lots of people like him though. I just don’t get how people fall asleep like that in a public place. I mean any minute now I am waiting for the drool to start down his chin.

Watch him wake up in Brooklyn 2 hours from now!

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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