Tuesday morning blues

Don’t Tuesdays suck? It is still the beginning of the week. Still not at the half way point. Still three more days ahead. Just a whole lotta suck.

I think people just give up on Tuedays. As I look around, it doesn’t look like anyone is on time. People have an “ahhh screw it” attitude. So everyone on the platform is pissed because they are already running late. They know their day is going to suck, so the smallest stuff sets them off.

This woman just flipped out on another woman for taking her seat. She says, “oh shut up, you know I was going to sit there.”

The other woman had the best response. “If you were going to sit here, how come I got here first?”

That didn’t sit well with this bitch. She wasn’t going to let it go. On and on she ranted about people being rude.

Finally, a guy goes, “You know what’s rude? People who won’t shut up when no one cares.”

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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