Stop the crazies!


The crazies are back on the loose again.  Ok, so in case you haven’t heard…

A mother in Brooklyn killed her 9 year old boy because “the demons told her to.”  So she smothered her son to death.  Then, she decided that she had to run to the subway and throw her self on the tracks.

Unfortunately, the mother survived.  Yes, UN-fortunately.  Someone that crazy who also kills a kid deserves to end up on the tracks.  However, in this case, she couldn’t even do that right.  She ended up suffering a broken leg and a couple fingers got severed.  Otherwise, she’s in stable condition and will probably survive.

Anyway, the demons told her to kill her son.  That’s right, the demons.

So here’s the alleged skinny.  There was a birthday party planned for her son.  The day of the party comes, but there is no party.  Obviously, the kid is wicked bummed.  Then, out of the blue, the mom says the demons are telling her that her son needs to die.

The other boroughs have been getting a little to nutty for me lately.

One thought on “Stop the crazies!

  1. Yeah i heard about that last year. That story had upset me so much. What’s her problem? And she survived? Not fair at all. Sorry, i just feel that way when it comes to children.


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