Beaujolais Nouveau makes it hard to type


So I stopped to pick up 4 bottles of Le Beaujolais Nouveau.  Then, I continued on my way home, and jumped on the subway.  I quickly realized that it was going to be nearly impossible to type on my Blackberry with only one free hand.  The other was holding the bag of wine.  So, I gave up after it took 5 minutes to complete a single sentence.

On that note, I got the wine all the way home only to hear on the news that this year’s batch SUCKS!  Some wine critic was on the radio talking about how much this Beaujolais isn’t worth the bottle it comes in.

So I got off the subway, ran home, and opened it up.  I don’t think it sucks.  Last year’s was better, but it doesn’t suck. And it is still a fun tradition.

Anyway, carrying a lot of stuff home on the subway makes it hard to blog from the subway.  I would probably have to steal a seat to be able to get it done. Or maybe I should practivce working with one hand…so to speak.

One thought on “Beaujolais Nouveau makes it hard to type

  1. To some folks (my wife included) ALL Beaujolais Nouveau is shite and isn’t fit for drinking. Wine critics especially generally look down on it. That said, if a lot of people enjoy it, it can’t be wrong. Like NASCAR.


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