How is that crime number now?


A few weeks back, SUBWAYblogger wrote about how the subway recently enjoyed a 37 year low in crime. That’s right, subway crime is currently at its 37 year best.

However, we now wonder if the type of crazies we’ve seen lately have been included in that number.

For example, when someone throws themselves on to the tracks in an act of suicide, does that count as a crime? I guess it should.

First of all, suicide is illegal. Secondly, disrupting train service is also a crime. And the trauma inflicted on the innocent witnesses should be a crime to. So, again, I wonder if that is included.

It seem to me (in a completely nonscientific way) that there’s been a spike in people finding themselves under trains lately. This is NOT a victimless crime. The biggest victims are the motormen who drive the trains that hit the crazies. They must feel really guilty even though it is by no means their fault. Then there’s the witnesses. Lastly, all the people put out by the massive service outages as a result.

So it is definately a crime, but there’s rarely a criminal to punish.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

3 thoughts on “How is that crime number now?

  1. Suicide is no longer a crime in the United States. Look it up. But you really seem to harbor some ill will against these people.

    Also, since most of these people are considered “mentally ill,” (DSM-IV), these acts are more akin to heart attacks, seizures, and the like. That is, these people have no control of themselves at this point. I wonder if you would have the same difficulty with people who “interrupt” train service with heart attacks and such.


  2. Actually, attempted suicide is still a crime in many states. And suicide in general is a crime in many states too. However, it carries no penalty. Still a crime though.

    Also, someone killing their kid, then feeling guilty about it so they kill themselves is NOTHING like a heart attack.

    They may have been crazy when they killed their kid, but when they feel heavy guilt afterwards and run to the subway, they arent crazy.

    A truely mental person ending up on the tracks, ok….you’re right. Not their fault. But I dont care what the DSM says, a seemingly normal person that comitts a crime elsewhere and then kills themselves by subway train is still a criminal. Unfortunately, at that point, no justice can be served.


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