How’s that for holiday traffic?


Brothers and sisters, we are reminded yet again how much better the subway is for getting around this island called Manhattan. As if the pre-holiday rush weren’t enough, there was a major crash on the West Side Highway just after 4pm. A car headed north bound crashed and rolled over the divider into the south bound traffic in the area of 90th Street.

The West Side Highway is still closed hours after the accident. Only one lane of the north side is open, and the south side is completely closed. There were hours that both sides were completely shut down.

For all the bitching we all do, the subway is still hands down the best way to get around the city. When things go wrong, SUBWAYblogger admits that we do tend to go off the deep end a bit, but that’s just good office entertainment…right? Anyway, still the best.

As a result of the accident, the other bridges, side streets, and tunnels were packed with drivers. Over an hour to get through the Lincoln Tunnel. I’d sooner swim across the river.

As for us subway riders, we all got home on time. As a matter of fact, the system was pretty quiet tonight. Let’s hope it’s still quiet in the morning!

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