Your convo is not so private

I love when packs of little latino girls think that I can’t understand them when they speak spanish. Well, guess what, I can.

I especially love when they cop an attitude in spanish. I let them rant on and on about how dare I stand close to them in a crowed train. They spew on and on in spanish, then I shoot them a look. They immediately shut up.

Later on in the ride, one of them cracks a joke, and I purposely start laughing. All of a sudden, they realize I understand every word they are saying.

The best times are when they have been talking about really gross, private stuff. Then they realize that I know too. Priceless.

Understanding spanish in the subway allows you to hear a lot of crap you wish you didn’t know. It seems to be mostly latino girls that are stupid enough to think that they are the only ones on a NYC subway train that knows spanish. Sometimes there are clearly other latino people standing near by, yet they rant on about the dumbest stuff in their “secret language.”

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

3 thoughts on “Your convo is not so private

  1. I love sitting there and reading Hoy or El Diario. I’m as white as they come, but I read and speak Spanish. It confuzzles them to no end. The moment of shock as they realize they’ve been calling me a fat bastard the whole time and I understood it is usually priceless.


  2. I’m part Spanish but hate the language for my own personal reasons. I do love when they are talking trash in Spanish. I play dumb & boom drop some Spanish insult on them. The priceless look is worth it.


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