Holiday? What holiday? The subway news keeps flowing!

citi_logo2.jpgJust because it is a holiday doesn’t mean that the MTA isn’t up to stuff.  The latest news is that the MTA is going to look into getting some $$$ from Citigroup to rename the subway stops at Shea stadium.  Yeah, so the new stadium is going to have a corporate name, so who cares if the stop is renamed.  If the Yankees ever lost their minds and renamed the new stadium, the signage in the Bronx would change instantly.

What’s stupid is that the Straphangers are getting kicking up a fuss over it because they don’t want to set a precident.  Honestly, who cares.  Does it really matter if a stop ends up being the “Duane Reade 72nd Street Stop.”  The more non-fare money the MTA can make, the better.  It keeps the cash in our pockets instead of the MetroCards.

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