Here comes Christmas

(There was a bit of an email glitch this morning that held up the morning posting.  Sorry for the delay, we’ve fixed the issue!)

Well, the end of Thanksgiving weekend marks the start of Christmas in New York City. Sure, most stores have had the decorations up since…ohh…4th of July or so. But now we are really into it.

Soon, shopping bags will out number passengers on the subway. Black Friday weekend was our first look at that.

There will be a little slump as people get back on track. However, as early as this weekend, the shopping surge will be back in full force.The subway pretty much becomes a cargo train during the month of December. People schlep their purchases all around town.

Folks, keep in mind that it is an official violation to carry an item(s) that inconvenience other passengers or cause a safety hazzard. We’re not making this up. It is official.

So don’t get pissed when people squish the 14 Macy’s bags you are trying to carry on board during rush hour. YOU are breaking the rules, not us.

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