Here come the lights in NYC


Part of the holiday cheer in NYC comes from the many nightly holiday events. Moments ago, the tree was lit in Lincoln Center.

SUBWAYblogger hoofed it over to check it out. The spread begins all the way down at Columbus Circle with many of the Time Warner Center’s business giving away stuff on the streets.

I made sure to strategize my viewing location. I planned out which corner to stand on in order to allow quickest access back to the downtown 66th Street platform. As soon as I arrived at Lincoln Center, I knew planning was needed.

It was standing room only. People were crowded across the street! So I knew as soon as the switch was flipped to light the tree, it was going to be a battle of humanity to get back to the subway.

Strategically, I got into possition. A good enough view of the dark tree and a couple performance stages. Lights go on, look at the tree, and I was off…along with 2,000 other people.

Luckily, I beat the bulk of the crowd back to the platform. Five minutes later, it would have been super ugly as the thousands of other people and families exit Lincoln Center Square at the same time.

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