Where did this kid come from?

How young is too young to be riding on the subway alone? Am I the only one who is astounded by some of the kids you see on the subway alone? I mean the summer is one thing, but it is dark now by 5pm. There’s 12 year olds on riding the subway alone when it is dark outside.

Maybe SUBWAYblogger’s parents were a little over protective, but is just seems really strange.

I could perhaps understand if it were a big group of kids heading for the subway together to go to school. Then they ride together on the way home. But some of these kids are riding alone or with just one other friend. Even the ones that have a buddy with them are a little sketchy. Eventually, the friend gets off at one station. The other kid has to stay on because he/she lives 2 stops further up town. So eventually, they are both alone.

Also, some of these kids are straight up punks. Yeah, I said it. They just go ape sh*t as soon as there are no authorities around. Then the rest of us have to put up with their crap. God forbid another adult tell one of these kids to cut the crap because then psycho parents come after you for disciplining their kid.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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