Listening to conversations


Listening to other people’s conversations is one of SUBWAYblogger’s favorite hobbies. No, it isn’t rude so relax. If you are going to speak loud enough for others to listen, then don’t be pissed. Also, SUBWAYblogger can read lips so even from a distance your conversations are not that private.

Since there’s obviously others out there that do the same thing, you can relate to the followiing: people talk about the dumbest crap. Did you ever find yourself listening to a conversation while thinking to yourself how you would die if you were a participant?

Sometime, you can’t help but think of ways for the innocent person in the conversation to get away. Some convos are so awkward that you just want to bail the person out. You litterally have to say to yourself, “Just shut up and sit here. Don’t say anything to those people.”

There’s also those funny conversations where one guy on the train just talks to anyone who will listen. The guy just strikes up a conversation with strangers. It makes people SOOO uncomfortable. You can see them squirming.

The acknowledge the guy just enough to keep him going. Just when you think he’s done…he isn’t. So funny.

Someone at NYU should create a Sociology of the Subway major.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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